Encoding Sample

NOTE: These files are available to stream via Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Safari. Firefox users on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Vista (FF 21) are also capable of streaming these files. SimulTV also provides encoding services for Opera and Firefox. Please contact us if you need to download these files instead.

Select Bitrates for Image Comparison

The screen captures below allow you to compare still images from each of the encodings. Use the drop down to select bit rates for comparison. Individual scenes may be selected using the blue circles below the image compare tool.

Select Scene:
File Encoding Statistics
Encoder Resolution Target bit rate File Size
Client H.264 Encoder 1080p 12 Mbps 30.5 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 7 Mbps 17.6 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 5 Mbps 10.1 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 3.5 Mbps 8.8 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 3.3 Mbps 8.3 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 3 Mbps 7.6 MB
IMN Systems 1080p 2.8 Mbps 7.1 MB

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