Custom Solutions for Your IPTV and Social TV Needs

Increased Interaction = Increased Website Effectiveness

IMN Systems increases the productivity and effectiveness of your business website by increasing viewer interaction. Today’s internet-savvy customers want websites that are engaging, interactive, and educational, or they quickly move on. The number one way to increase attention and website “stickiness” is by creating a totally immersive social video environment.

Social video solutions are effective because they allow your business to communicate, educate and motivate site visitors via a medium that is dynamic and captivating. Instead of just seeing written words, social video lets site visitors see, hear, experience and respond to your presentations.

An engaged customer is a great customer. IMN Systems utilizes the latest in IPTV and Social TV technology to develop immersive social video solutions which increase the fun factor for site visitors and the profitability factor for you.

How the IMN Team works for you

  • An IMN Systems project manager works with your team to identify and prioritize immersive features for your site. During this meeting we offer advice on IPTV integration and help develop a Social TV plan that will meet your business goals.
  • An IMN architect performs an analysis of your existing site and creates a design document for your review, including an estimated level of effort.
  • The IMN designers create any wireframes and high fidelity mockups that are necessary to help showcase your ideas internally.
  • The IMN developers begin creating the new features, and deliver the new and improved website to you.

We work in an agile environment, and encourage you to be a part of the process to develop an end product that completely meets the needs of both your business and your viewers. Our developers work with your team to deploy and test the new features, and make sure you are able to take ownership of the solution. If you don’t have an in-house team, we are happy to perform support and maintenance as well.

Improved Video Storage and Delivery

IMN Systems can store your video on demand (VOD) content or host your live streams on our CDN to ensure your content scales for any number of viewers around the world. Our transcoding services minimize storage space and allow adaptive bitrate streaming to change with viewer network conditions. IMN Systems also performs live stream transcoding and HLS segmenting to make sure your business isn’t missing out on the vast opportunities available in the burgeoning mobile market.

Make IPTV work for your business

IMN Systems has enabled many social IPTV features on our showcase site, SimulTV. Take a look to see what a difference IPTV can make, and then get the creative juices flowing for your site. Just a few of the many possible ways IPTV can increase interaction for your business include:

  • Live streaming of shareholder meetings, product announcements, or promotions
  • Global adaptive bitrate VOD streaming of product tutorials and demonstrations
  • Live video chat rooms with key figures in your company
  • Crisis management and public relations campaigns
  • Employee motivation programs for global corporations
  • Rapid response education for product malfunctions and recalls
  • Broker and vendor conferences
  • Moderated Twitter integration via hashtags for your next event
  • Live video or text chat with customer service agents
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