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Live Production, Post-Production, and Live Streaming Services from IMN

A high-quality video or live stream of your event can present your business in a positive light and add a boost to your bottom line. On the other hand, a poorly produced video or event can do just the opposite. What can you do when you want your business to be professional in everything you do, but don’t have a complete production studio in-house? That’s when it pays to let the professionals at IMN Systems become your production support team.

There are moments that every young musician dreams about. Our first show with SimulTV was one of those moments for me. Seeing my band and I with that kind of visual professionalism and audio integrity put us on a new level mentally and literally. We were pushed to raise the bar and I think together with SimulTV, we did. Not to mention, the crew left us as incredible friends.

– Paul Childers, Paul Childers and the Black Tie Affair

IMN Systems provides production and post-production services including live streaming for events all over the globe. Our video professionals work with you to plan and deliver professional streaming video from your site, or through one of our distribution channels. Now you can take your video center to a new level with IMN:

  • Bring new revenue to your concerts, conferences, corporate events, product announcements, keynotes, or any other event you can imagine, with online distribution via live streaming and video on demand.
  • Extend your brand’s reach through social media
  • Offer pay-per-view for your content simply and easily.

There is no great need for expensive equipment either. A simple Internet connection at your venue is all that is needed for our team to create broadcast quality productions by working with your staff to ensure your live streaming event is a success.

See it in Action!View samples.

You Manage Your Event While IMN Manages the Production Needs

Whether you need a single camera streaming set-up or a multi-camera switching environment, IMN Systems has professional gear available to produce high-quality content for your audience. Our streaming equipment is highly portable and occupies a small footprint at your event. We can also provide key staff to handle production oversight, camera operation, vision mixing, direction, and technical staff. Let us handle all the intricacies of live streaming or video production, while you make sure your event is running smoothly and your guests are happy.

Deliver Your Video to Viewers Quickly and Easily

Our delivery network includes top industry partners to ensure your content quickly scales to any number of users in any location around the globe. We offer several distribution options including delivery to your web site, which encourages brand awareness. Once visitors are at your site and engaged with your brand, you can motivate them to visit other pages or purchase tie-in products using your existing infrastructure. For example, if your company is sponsoring a concert and live streaming it to your website, you can offer T-shirts with the concert name and your logo, or specialty items that relate directly to this event. Once they show some interest, you have the opportunity to turn that prospect into a loyal customer.

SimulTV provided top-of-the-line live streaming services and deliverables for our Global Student Business Concept Challenge where students from all over the world pitched their business ideas for a $25,000 grand prize before an audience of regional attendees and panelists. Offering a high-quality, reliable live stream was important to us and our competing global student teams, so their friends and family had the opportunity to watch them present from the convenience of their homes. The staff at SimulTV was delightful to work with by taking care of all of the setup and technical, audio visual requirements to provide our best live stream yet.

– Lindsey Eversole, VT KnowledgeWorks

Our technology allows adaptive bitrate or selective bitrate streaming, and real-time encoding for multiple devices. If you live stream your event, IMN Systems allows you to deliver HD streams from 1080p. Live streams can be deployed via HTTP, RTMP, and HLS streaming to ensure your content works across multiple devices and operating systems.

Your video on demand content can be made available on our scalable distribution platform, or provided directly to you for distribution. Our video transcoding services [link] ensure your VOD retains the highest quality at the lowest bitrate to use minimum storage space and provide a great experience for your viewers, even at lower bandwidths.

Get More From Your Video

IMN Systems offers full post-production capabilities to create video on demand (VOD) assets which will allow you to continue your event’s reach long after it is over. Your company can continue to build relationships and monetize content with preview videos, sizzle reels, promotional videos, highlights, and feature-length branded video. How you decide to distribute the content is up to you. Use social channels like Facebook and YouTube, DVD distribution, or take advantage of our VOD distribution channels. We can even provide the underlying streaming infrastructure to deliver video from your website.

Custom Program Development

With IMN Systems, the sky is the limit when it comes to maximizing the benefits of event sponsorship for your company. Social integration with Twitter and Facebook allows you to extend the conversation and grow your event’s reach. Live event hashtags encourage viral sharing of your event to extend your audience. Picture-in-picture video chat and videoconferencing solutions can add productivity to a business meeting, or can allow special events like backstage sneak peeks or audience participation. Tell us what you dream is, and let IMN develop exciting customizations for your next big event.

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