Streamline Your Video Encoding Tasks

Encoding and Delivery Services from IMN Systems

Even the best video is useless if it can’t easily be sent to the end viewer. Make your business videos work harder for you by engaging IMN Systems to streamline your video encoding tasks using our advanced-technology encoding workflow system. We analyze your content and provide high quality renditions in many popular codecs.

Access is convenient and easy because we make your content available in whatever way best fits your business model, whether that be via download, live linear delivery, or video on demand (VOD) streaming. Whether your viewers want to watch your content at home or on the go, IMN has the solution that’s just right for you.

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Up the Ante With Live Event Streaming

Have you dreamed about what your company could do if only you had access to an effective live streaming technology? Well stop dreaming and start doing, because IMN Systems also provides live event streaming with real-time encoding for delivery to multiple devices as well as post-production services. Just think about the presentations, meetings, concerts, promotional events, athletic events and more that you could use to boost sales and increase brand recognition.

Get the IMN Team Working For You

  • Our compressionists ingest and analyze your existing content. Then we develop a strategy for encoding your videos by creating multiple profiles into which we categorize your content.
  • Our encoders get to work on your content, monitoring the entire process to ensure a clean result. Individual assets can be encoded into multiple playback codecs to be sure that your viewers can watch your content anywhere, regardless of the type of device they are using.
  • Our engineers are responsible for total quality control during the transcoding process, so that the resulting video files are of the highest quality to support your video, communication and business goals.

Access to Your Encoded Video Files

Your encoded files can be safely delivered to you via secure FTP or external media, or we can host the files on our content delivery network. IMN Systems can set up live linear delivery, or provide your files for download or video on demand (VOD) streaming. Our networks are highly scalable and can handle global demand for your content, no matter how big your network may be.

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